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Message From Principal

It is a matter of glory that we have become the partner of digitalized era being equipped with all necessary and updated information focusing the details of this college. Our College website is providing elaborated information related to academic and cultural activities, sports, all extra curriculum activities, information of management, teachers, office staff and so on.

Govt. P. C. College of Bagerhat district, Bangladesh, is one of the oldest colleges of Indian Sub-Continent and it is still playing the same role of a light house promoting quality education from higher secondary level to honours and post graduate level mainly among the backward section of learners in the southern region of Bangladesh.

I am so happy that this college has started  its own website which supplies all the details as per the queries.

I thank all the teachers, staff and students who have contributed a lot to run the programme.

Professor Sakhilur Rahman
ID No: 8541
Govt. P.C. College, Bagerhat

Phone : 0468-62324
Cell  :
E-mail :


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Connect with us
College Code : 0101 (NU)
EIIN : 114830
Principal : 0468-62324
Mobile : 01720-018872

Vice Principal : 01711-965905
Office : 0468-62919
Head Assistant : 01718-102245
Website : www.pccollege.edu.bd
E-mail : pccollegepr@yahoo.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/forpccweb
Skype Name : pccollegebd (Govt. P.C. College)

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